Litter "A"


Puppies were born on January 22 2019 at a ratio of 4 females and 2 males

AWA GRETA od Nupacké tvrze

(CH OR KAJAN z Baštin "U" x FATME MARYLIN Gurdau "U")

Excellent, res.CAC

Natural ability test (SVS) - 2x I.prize
Natural ability test (ZV) - I.prize (CZ)
Field exam (JSS) - I.prize, 1 x winner exam CACT, 1 x res.CACT
Blood track exam (FSS) - 2 x I.prize
Special water exam (ŠSVP) - 2 x I.prize

Cup Marián Korič (water + forrest exam) - III. prize
Cup Marián Korič - water exam - I.prize
Forrest exam (LSS) - I.prize
International cup KCHSHS (field + water) - II.prize
International Field Trial (IFT) - Very good (11 points)

ED 0
L/L (free)

CH GUCCI Vives Bohemia "U"

(CH Luxatori LUCIFER x CH CUBA z Tišnovských revírů "U")

more info HERE

Champion of Slovakia
Champion of Czech republic
Champion of Poland
candidate CH HU
candidate CH DE
res.CAC 5x, CAC 13x, VHD CAC 1x, res.CACIB 1x, CACIB 2x, BOB 2x, BOS 3x, BOG3 1x

Universal dog "U"
Natural ability test (SVS) - I.prize
Club natural ability test (SVS) - 2x I.prize
Field exam (JSS) - I.prize, winner
Club field exam (JSS) - I.prize
Special water exam (ŠSVP)   - I.prize
Vladimir Cerny Memorial  (forrest) - I.prize, 3 place (best work on blood track)
Cup castle Rychmburk natural ability + water) - II.prize
All-round exam (CACT) - III.prize

ED 0
Hereditary Eye Diseases - clear

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