Welcome to the website z Alžbetinho Majera Kennel!

Welcome to the website z Alžbetinho Majera Kennel which was established in the beginning of 2017 once our Grétka - AWA GRETA od Nupacké tvrze has become a breeding female .
Choosing the kennel name was relatively easy for us because we always knew what we want - it had to be geographic name so our choice was simple. Gretka has grown here, lives her happy life and loves this place so the name Alžbetin Majer is forever a part of her and our life ☺.

Grétka was born on 6 June 2014 in the Czech Republic od Nupacká tvrze Kennel. Her mother is FATME MARYLIN Gurdau and the father is OR KAJAN z Baštin. Both parents are versatile dogs actively used in the hunting practice. She comes from eight puppies and she got a red ribbon at birth, so she became Miss Red for a while.

When choosing a puppy we were sure that Miss Red is our favorite even before we saw her live. So Grétka was already intuitively our heart choice ☺. And although she caused us a hard time sometimes, she was the best decision and thanks to her our kennel was born!