When we saw vizsla first time, we were fascinated by the visage - it was a beautiful, red-haired, elegant dog with an intelligent eyesight, sparkle and joy in the eyes, which had also a nose of red color ☺. After studying all the available materials and description of the nature and overall characteristics of the breed, vizsla got us on a full line.

And Doruška is our first red-haired dog with a red nose ☺. She was born on 21 September 2011 and helped us to find out what it is about and what does it mean to live with a vizsla and become vizsla-positive ☺

Thanks to her we started to focus on the hunting kynology and subsequently she brought us to the idea of ​​future exhibitions, competitions and in the future may be to establish a kennel and devote to the breeding.

She was a wise, receptive and obedient puppy. Sometimes we have the impression thet she has started to catch up her puppy life, and what older she is, the more crazy and cheerful dog.

She is a native aporter and she would still carry something which is the greatest reward for her. When she comes to greet, she always has to have something in in her muzzle ☺

Dorka was enjoing her life as an only child so it was a great change for her when Grétka came. However, she immediately became her "big older sister" and formed an inseparable couple ☺.

Dorka is not a breeding bitch!


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