AWA GRETA od Nupacké Tvrze   



Date of birth: 6.6.2014

SPKP 3280/16, ČLP/MOK/4978

Sire: OR KAJAN z Baštin

ED 0
L/L (free)

Full dentition, scisorbite, colour roll-yellow, brown eyes, heigh 55 cm

Natural ability test (SVS) - 2x I.prize
Natural ability test (ZV) - I.prize (CZ)
Field exam (JSS) - I.prize, 1 x winner exam CACT, 1 x res.CACT
Blood track exam (FSS) - 2 x I.prize
Special water exam (ŠSVP) - 2 x I.prize

Cup Marián Korič (water + forrest exam) - III. prize
Cup Marián Korič - water exam - I.prize
Forrest exam (LSS) - I.prize
International cup KCHSHS (field + water) - II.prize
International Field Trial - Very good

Excellent, res.CAC

Breeding female 

Actively used in hunting practice


Grétka is such an eternal happy puppy. Everywhere she must be the first, she is interested in everything, she has to comment on everything and no food is hidden in front of her. And if even it happens, she will definitely find it ☺.

She is sensitive, intelligent and very receptive. She is also very easy to be trained - she does not like pressure on her and it is not needed in fact. Everything she does makes her happy in order to please us – she is doing it for us.

(It is the best when I see her coming with an aport and I am thinking: she is going to jump from joy to my arms, or she is not... I enjoy this especially during exams ☺

She has natural taste for work and a strong commitment to the owners - us.

If we do not ask her for anything when we are walking her, she is not tight with us and acts independent, although she checks us from time to time in order not to loose something. She is searching for terrain, looking for a game, being in her own world. She is very enthusiastic to work and needs activities. Thus, Grétka is welcomed and excellent helper on huntings, proactive  at the trainings and she works with a big taste during the exams - and she always let us know about herself.
Grétka is actively used in hunting practice

The term "velcro fastener" is used in connection with vizsla, and Grétka is such a velcro. She uses each opportunity to come to us, lie down, lay her head on us and if it is not possible then recline at least. Satisfied then she sleeps and when she wakes up after a while, she looks happy as if she did not see us a week ☺.

Grétka is an elegant, sophisticated female of a gentle skeleton and athletic figure with a right angle of the front and back limbs, excellent lower and upper line, well-laid dry neck, noble head and well-formed chest and pre-chest. She is characterized by beautiful roll color.