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Pregnancy confirmed ❤️


Merry Christmas and Happy New year  ❤️ !

Pregnancy confirmed!     
19.12. 2018

We have great news in z Alžbetinho Majera kennel   . The pregnancy of our Gretka was confirmed and we're looking forward to the puppies to be born   .

Mating happened   
27.11. 2018

During the weekend we took a trip to Czech Republic to the future father of our puppies, GUCCI Vives Bohemia. Gucci is a universal working dog and beauty champion of a few countries, but what is most importajt, he is of good health and excellent character. His advantage is also an excellent pedigree. I hope the trip was successful and we have returned home already in an extended set  .   

Learn more about Gucci here

GUCCI Vives Bohemia

Vizsla & paddleboard ?  

O, yes   . Summer, water, paddleboard is fun   .


14/23 entered
305/368 points
Saturday 11.8. ŠVP (water exam) - 1st prize 96/108 points
Sunday 12.8. LSS (forest exam) - 3rd prize 209/262 points

There were 23 dogs entered to the PMK cup, only 14 dogs completed the exams.
The weekend was not the easiest, but eventually we managed it successfully and now it is time to put the exams aside for a while and enjoy the summer and water .


SPECIAL WATER WORK EXAM (organized by KCHHS), 4.8.2018, Veľké Blahovo
I. PRIZE, 4th place/13, 100/108 points

On Saturday we reminded ourselves of the exams atmosphere and hot weather . And despite my initial frightening after fishing out the starting number 1, it all ended up well and we came home though cooked up but satisfied .

4th birthday
Best wishes for your 4th birthday our sweet Grétka  !

Gretka as a model
"Daddy" scored again and Grétka presented herself in the role of the photomodel :) The professional jury of the Photographic Journal Československá fotografie (45/2018) selected a photography of our Grétka from hundreds of pictures from excellent authors and it was placed in the category of "Nature" on the 2nd place!


Website launched
Here we go - website launched  website launched  


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